Photo Gear List for Product Photography

This is a list of equipment that I recommend for Product Photography. These are my affiliate links of equipment from Amazon. You can, of course, buy from Irish suppliers – I recommend Conns Cameras and Bermingham Cameras in Dublin, who deliver nationwide and have excellent customer service.

Camera & Accessories

Canon 2000d

64 Mb Memory Card for Camera:

Camera Bag for the Camera:

A decent macro lens is a must for close up product photography. I would recommend this one for Canon Cameras:


Manfrotto make the best tripods in my experience. This one is excellent for Macro Photography. It can be used for all other types as well.

Lighting Equipment

Continuous Lighting Kit:

I highly recommend the Neewer Continuous Lights. They are great value for money and ideal for starting out.


I recommend the Godox Flashes. They are cheap but reliable. Depending on your camera you need to get a trigger and flash and flash stand.

For Canon Cameras you need this trigger:

You need this Flash to put inside the softbox:

For Nikon Cameras you need this trigger:

You need this flash for Nikon cameras to put inside the softbox.


These Reflectors are ideal for food and product shots: Selens Light Reflector Cardboard Foldable Photography Reflective/Block/Fill Light Thick Paper Double Sided Board, Color Black/White/Silver for Still Life Food Shooting

These black and white acrylic boards are ideal for placing products on, if you wish to have a reflection:

This AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio Light box is excellent. This is the one I was using on the course and again I highly recommend it.


This is a SMALL backdrop holder. It is ideal for small products.

This one would be excellent for food. You would use the small stand above with it. There are other colours worth checking out as well.

These are small backgrounds that would lie flat – under food for example. There are loads of different types and colours.

For large products:

This background is quite large, so make sure you have space for it:

These background clips are handy for holding up backgrounds:

Highlight White Backdrop:

If you want a snow white backdrop for headshots or hair shots, you need this background and a flash to put in it: StudioKing BGS150 150 x 200 cm Softwall Softbox

You will need a light stand to hold the flash inside the backdrop/softbox.